On My Bookshelf: Training Reads!

I’m working on three books that I believe will help me in my triathlon pursuit, and I’ll post my thoughts on each as I test the methods presented in each.

ChiRunning comes highly recommended from a few fellow EDSers and my PT, and I’m eager to attempt the technique! I have read about 75% of the book so far and from what I can tell the technique works primarily by making your core do most of the work in running, not your legs. The author explains how to make a “lean” work for you by taking the stress off your legs and transferring it to your abdominal muscles. It will take some serious mental and muscular retraining, but I’m willing to put in the effort and it will be a good way to ease into running. Even better, Dreyer advocates a “No pain, thank you!” approach to running that I am particularly keen on because that is exactly how I have to exercise: no pain, no gain can never be a motto of mine, because pain can lead to permanent damage on already-damaged tendons and ligaments!

Total Immersion Swimming uses a lot of the same alignment-focused exercise techniques as ChiRunning, which is great! Just like ChiRunning, Terry Laughlin explains how to lean on your torso when swimming the freestyle stroke to lift the hips, thereby making it a lot easier to sail through the water. The drills teach you how to adopt a “slippery” stroke to be more fishlike, and I really like that the book starts from square one so you can really retrain your brain to swim more efficiently and much more in alignment. Can’t wait to give it a shot!

Finally, to begin this mind-body wellness journey, I plan on starting Full Catastrophe Living tonight. It’s over 500 pages in print, so I opted for the Kindle version because I think I’ll want to have this on me at all times and because I can’t hold a 500+ -page book! Since I’m essentially starting from scratch in running and swimming, I hope that this will be the perfect time to adjust my mental habits and learn how to live more mindfully and less stressfully. In addition to the triathlon training plan, I’d really like to work in this book’s 8-week program (about 45 minutes a day of mindfulness training) to enhance my mental capacity to deal with pain and stress. They say that participating in triathlons quickly becomes a lifestyle, and I believe it! Here’s my shot at enhancing mine and hopefully gaining the kind of mind-body awareness and health that I’m seeking (and they say that mindfulness about life in general can help you lose weight! What a nice side-effect this all would be! :D).


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