A (Potential) Training Plan

After some Internet and book store searching, I have come across what looks like an easy, long-term training plan for beginner triathletes. With my body, I have to be especially careful to factor in extended periods away from training because I can count on the weather, hormones, or dislocations derailing my training plan.

At the moment, I plan on beginning Michael Pates’s 22-week Total Sprint Program at the beginning of the school year. I predict that a 22-week program will give me plenty of time repeat weeks as needed, back-track as needed, and generally give my body enough chance to adapt to the new strains I’m placing on it over the next year. I’m excited!!

Here’s what I need before I begin:

  • a pool! (there’s one at school so that’s why I’m waiting until the beginning of the school year in about three weeks)
  • Aerobars for my bike. I ride a 22-year-old road bike that belonged to my mom, and although eventually I would love to buy a new one, at this point I can only afford to add $130 Aerobars to make riding more comfortable over long distances. From what I hear, Aerobars keep my body aligned while I ride, and I plan on springing for a professional bike fit to make sure I’m doing everything possible to avoid injury and achy joints.
  • A wetsuit! My parents have agreed to buy a triathlon wetsuit for me for my birthday, and here’s why: My most unstable joints are my SI joints, pelvis, shoulders, and recently my elbows. The gentle compression of the neoprene suit will keep those major joints from making minute shifts while I swim, which is a contributor to next-day (or same-evening!) achiness and fatigue. I don’t expect the wetsuit to prevent subluxations (that would take a miracle!) but I do imagine that it will prevent small shifts in placement. I can wear neoprene braces for my wrists and ankles while I practice to stabilize those joints. If you have tips on buying a wetsuit, let me know!
  • some full-fledged motivation, which is where this blog comes in! šŸ™‚

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